Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yellow & White Sales

Hello fellow betta keepers,

Good news for those with a tight budget, I am clearing my remaining White Platinium HMPKs very cheaply. However, do note almost all of the good ones are already sold. But I still have quite a handfull in my community tank unjarred so their finnage can still enhance further. Those jarred and of normal quality are included in this sale.

Do scroll down to older posts for reference, like this one, showing one of the best of this spawn, sold though.

Clearing very cheaply at 3 for $10!

Yellow HMPKs are for sale too. Many in stock, almost every piece showing promising finnage, viewing in Sengkang :)

As stated in earlier posts, price for Yellow HMPKs remains at:

1 for $10

2 for $18

4 for $35

6 for $50

SMS 96381858 to deal.
Location is in Sengkang (viewing)
Meet-ups in Clementi is possible but advisable for you to view so you like what you buy :)

PS: Microworms and Decapped BBS Eggs are also for sale. $2 per tub and $2.50 per packet respectively. See older posts for more info.

Cheers! :)

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