Baby Brime Shrimp Hatching Guide

Hello passionate fish breeders,

"Baby brime shrimps (BBS), or "Baby Sea Monkeys", are a good source of staple fry food and I highly recommend using them compared to other fry food.

Daphnia or water fleas are great for growth but not everyone will have constant access to fresh and clean supplies, and they are also considerably more expensive in the long run.

So enjoy your BBS purchased here!"

Bettafanatic aka Walter

Keep BBS Eggs purchased from Bettafanism in your refrigerator's chiller compartment. They can remain fresh up to 2 years.

You might want to label "unfit for human consumption".

Typically, a 20g packet from Bettafanism can last an entire feeding period of a spawn of about 300 fries (2 weeks).

Per feeding, you only need 1/3 tea-spoon (or approx. 1.4grams, hence 20grams allow for 14 feedings).

1. Get a container of approximately 1 litre capacity.
2. Fill it up till about 90-95% full.
3. Add in 2 tablespoons of AQUARIUM SALT.
4. Add in the amount of BBS eggs shown above.
5. Drop in air stone attached to air pump, create circulation of water in the container.

You may wish to use the container like a clock-face by marking the timings like the below picture. This will remind you when to harvest this batch of eggs. (18 hours later)

Marked clock-face lid

BBS will take about 18-24 hours to hatch. It is advisable to feed them within the first 6 hours of hatching as this is the time frame whereby the BBS will carry a nutritious egg sac (you will know this by their orangey coloration when freshly hatched). Fries will benefit from eating this.

After 18 hours, remove the air tube and allow the mixture to settle. You will notice the empty egg shells floating on the surface while the new-born BBS will be swimming in the middle. Use a small torch or any light source to gather the newborn BBS as they are attracted to light. Next, use either a springe or a dropper, take aim on the concentrated spot of BBS gathering, and suck them up.

1. Place mixture to set for 5minutes.
2. Use light source to gather BBS.
3. Use suction devices to capture BBS.
4. Filter off saltwater.
5. Wash with freshwater and feed.

Using a light source to attract the live BBS to gather

Giant dropper and springe. You may take a look in Daiso or hardware shops.

To harvest them from the saltwater, you may purchase a fine net sold in most fish shops. Note that a tap or cloth coffee filter will work too. Normal fish nets will not work well as BBS are very, very tiny.

After the filtration, you will have to rinse it under freshwater to remove all salt solution. I will rinse the net in a flask of aged, freshwater, before pouring the contents into the tank.

I use 2 containers for BBS hatching as it is optimal to feed 1-3 weeks old fries two times daily. Once in the day and the second time in the evening. So basically one batch will hatch in the morning, and the other at night.

While I highly recommend feeding freshly hatched BBS. Here's a way you may keep the excess alive, just in case your next batch of eggs didn't hatch in time:

1. Rinse the BBS harvested with clean water.
2. Filter the saltwater used previously, add the BBS into the solution, preferably in a plate (low water level).
3. Store in the chilling part of your fridge (4 degrees celcius).
4. The BBS should stay alive for 1-2 days.

You may also wish to freeze some excess. They do not take live BBS but if they are starving, you can swirl up the water a little as you add frozen BBS, fries should take them.


Hope my guide will be useful for you. BBS eggs bought from fish shops are typically kept in poor conditions resulting in poor or failed hatch rates. Getting in bulk will usually be too expensive and create wastage as hobbyists will only need a handful.

Thus, I am selling high quality BBS eggs (99% hatch rate, superior grade) here, do take a look!

Lastly, because of the high quality level of Bettafanism's eggs, if you do not mind a lower hatch rate, check out the Lazy Man Hatching Guide in the navigation menu on the right.

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter