Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For Queries

Hello there my friends (Especially Verlyn and John),

Sincere apologies for missing out on your comments regarding my post on the 4th of November.

For any queries, do SMS me at 96381858 (Singapore) directly.

Sorry to fellow hobbyists that are overseas, I don't do shipping, perhaps in the future but not now. Very thankful for visiting my blog though, appreciated. :)

Only if your question is truly non-urgent, or due to inaccessibility to SMS me on my mobile, that I suggest you to E-mail me for queries. This is because I seldom check my inbox and your E-mails might be filtered accidently.

Email: lcl.Walter@gmail.com

Cheers! :)

Current Sales:
White Platinium HMPKs - 3 for $10
Yellow HMPKs - $10 and below each (See previous posts)
Microworms - $2 per tub

SMS 96381858 to deal. :)

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