Cheap Betta/Fry Food For Sale

Hello home breeders/keepers,

"Finding a good source of high grade betta food is not easy, especially Baby Brime Shrimp eggs. Hence, I am launching certain betta food to the community at great rates. Postage is free for Singaporeans. Bettafanism do not do shipping overseas currently but I will work on it!

Order via SMS or Whatsapp +65 90283379."

Bettafanatic aka Walter

Baby Brime Shrimp Eggs aka Sea Monkey eggs
Hatch them with salt water, unsure how? Check this link out! - hatching guide

$10 for 2 packets (20g)
Enough to feed a spawn of ~300 fries, for 2-3 weeks, this is sufficient because by 2 weeks, your fries will be feeding on tubifex worms.

Bulk discounts can be discussed via Whatsapp.

Postage within Singapore is FREE! Simply do a bank transfer of $10 to me (or PayNow/PayLah to my mobile) and whatsapp me your full address with postal code.

POSB Savings 249-31594-0

Click below image for comparison table:

Thank you!
Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter