Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stock updates, with pictures!

Hello betta keepers,

Once again thanks to all that supported in my sales! I will now summarise the stocks available for sale now.

About 20+ Blue HMPKs left (All at least cheek masked, colours are Turquoise, Royal Blue & Steel. Not sure if I have pairs of the specific colourations but a fair ratio of males and females in overall of the blues left). Going for $3 each!

Regarding the Black Copper HMPKs,

I have 5 beautiful females with very nice finnages and clean colouration going at $10 each. One of them as shown below, some with already 180 degrees spread so do drop by for a view. :)

Regarding Black Copper Males, I am keeping a pair for future projects and left with only 1 male for sale. Don't have picture but his finnage is of show grade, pointed dorsal and OHMPK finnage, the only drawback is that his colour is poor with red washes on the fins, hence going at only $5. Someone will be viewing him soon so he might be sold soon. :)

Anyway, I am excited to show you guys the top pair I am keeping for perhaps, continuation of the line:



Last news for this post is that my young (2months old) White Platinium HMPK Spawn is for sale!

Prices range from $10-15. Discount for quantity increment applies. :)

Pictures of the faster growers and hence, earlier developements will be attached below to show the potential of this spawn.

That's all for this post and I hope everyone enjoyed the updates as much as I do. Happy betta keeping!

For any enquiries, please SMS 96381858

Sales of Decapped Baby Brine Shrimp Eggs:

Promotion: 1 tub of Microworms + 1 packet of decapped BBS eggs for $4 total.

Cheers! :)

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