Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great response today!

Hello fellow betta hobbyists,

A big thank you to all buyers once again. The good pieces of Black Copper HMPKs are sold out. I am left with about 3x females with pale colouration but no red washes, finnages not bad. Pictures below:

$4 each, 3 for $10!

I have only about 11 pieces of the Blue Masked HMPK Spawn. Mostly females left as males are almost sold out. Noticed some of them have about 95% masking already, a few specks to hit full mask, good starter females! Pictures below:

$3 each only!

Some picture add-ons to previous post: Sales of White Platinium HMPK Spawn.

Lastly, I have quite a small number of females so they are limited for sale. :)

Sales of Microworms:

Sales of Decapped Baby Brine Shrimp Eggs:

Promotion: 2 tubs of Microworms + 1 packet of decapped BBS eggs for $5 total.
SMS 96381858 to deal.

Cheers! :)

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