Monday, September 14, 2009

Fry Food Sale - $2 each

 MICROWORMS - $2 per tub

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Very tiny white worms for feeding est. 3-14 day old fries. Culture can be continued as long as they are fed with wet oats weekly. Do take note they produce a foul smell though.

Not advisable to feed as a staple food to fries as they are not very nutritious. It is more of a back-up food when daphnia or boon or water flea is unavailable as microworms require low maintaince.

To harvest, scrap those hanging on container sides with finger or toothpick.


BABY BRIME SHRIMP(BBS) EGGS (98% Hatch Rate) - $10 per 20grams (2 packets)

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Decapped BBS Eggs are orange while the normal ones are brown in colour. Suitable for home breeders that have only 1 or 2 spawns at a time. Usually BBS Eggs comes in big containers which will cause breeders to end up having alot of excess.

Because these are not live food, an estimated 60-80% of betta fries should eat, other fishes like cichlid fries are able to take them readily though. Decapped bbs eggs are fed directly to the fries bit by bit, without hatching. Suitable for est. 10-30 day old fries. Similiar to microworms, they are best used as emergency backup food.

NORMAL BBS EGGS (98% Hatch Rate):
Normal bbs eggs have their hard shell layer on and needs to be hatched. To hatch, do google for more details about making hatchery etc. But I will provide a rough guide:

Add 1-2 teapsoons of salt into 1litre water and aerate it vigourously with a small teaspoon of BBS Eggs. BBS should hatch in 24hrs. Harvest them using a fine net, siphon or springe, avoiding the empty and unhatched egg shells. Unlike decapped BBS eggs and microworms, freshly hatched BBS are a good staple food for fries est. 3-30+ days old. Live baby brime shrimps are very nutritious fry food.

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