Thursday, November 12, 2009

Left with Whites...

Hi there Betta keepers,

Apologies to those who enquired about my stocks, this is the latest updates:

Black Copper HMPK - SOLD OUT

Blue Masked HMPK - Last 4 pieces left. Should be all females, only 1 with not bad finnage, the rest are of normal quality. 1 x Turquoise and 3x Royal Blue. (1 Royal blue have an interesting turquoise marking on the body) - $4 take all.

White Platinium HMPK - Selling fast! But not to worry, many more are still for sale! :)

Refer to posts dated 7/11 and 8/11 to see pictures of some with early developments (Not bad finnages with very clean colouration). Feel free to drop by to view and pick potential young bettas (2months+, choose from the main community tank or jarred, same pricings) at only $10-15. With quantity discounts as low as 6 for $50.

SMS 96381858 to deal.
Cheers! :)

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