Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spawn, my competition fish, and seminar updates

Good day my friends,

Regarding the Betta Judging Seminar in my older post, here, it will be held on 11th September, not 9th. And the venue will be Serangoon CC. All the details can be found here:

Hope to see familiar faces.

Now, here's a quick update of the upcoming spawns:

In just a few weeks, I will be releasing my Black Dragon Spawn, as well as a 2nd Black Dragon Spawn which includes some Red Dragons. Hope they all turn out beautiful.

Coming in 2 months+, Super Black and White Platinium HMPKs. Mega spawn on the blacks, once again, haha. Do pardon my love for posting pictures of fries, I love it when they cluster together on the surface at this age.

Next, let me show you guys some of my new purchases for the upcoming competition. Especially liking the Lavender BF HMPK!

Finally, I have a new influx of great quality stocks, do check them out in the stocklist! Some preview below:

This "blur look" picture cracks up my day, I hope it is the same for you too.

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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