Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More details on the Betta Judging Seminar, and X'treme Competition is here!

Dear friends,

With regards to the previous post, I will provide more details of the Betta Judging Course/Seminar. It will be hosted by my friend Alfur Tan, official post:

In summary, it will be held on the 9th of September, 9am-3pm. Venue is to be confirmed.

This seminar will be like a "Basic Theory" for the entire Betta Judging Course, which is of 2 phrases. After this seminar, a certificate of participation will be given as proof of a graduate from this "Basic Theory". From then on, my friend will try to organise the 2nd phrase of the course, whereby participation in this 1st phrase is strictly required to qualify. So the 2nd phrase is sort of like a "Final Written Exam".

Please do note that the 2nd phrase of the Betta Judging Course will be a totally seperate event from this particular seminar, so details will be unknown for now.

For those that are interested (including those that SMSed me, as the list I gather was just a rough gauge of attendence for Alfur to understand if it is worth organising.), please SMS Alfur Tan your Name, Nickname (optinal), and NRIC number.

Alfur Tan: 98001351

For eg.
Walter Lee (Bettafanatic)

A very important thing to note is that, after transferring of $50 to Alfur, please do keep the receipt. It will be a form of verification during the seminar, so please remember to bring it.

Next, I am extremely(pun intended) happy to notify you guys that the next X'treme Betta Competition is around the corner. I will be participating with some entries, hopefully they will do well. To keep things simple as I am not the organiser, please refer to this link:

Sneak peak: The trophies look downright awesome, once again.

Thanks everyone, and have a nice day!

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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