Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Post-Aquarama

Hey guys,

For those of you that might have missed out on the Aquarama that was recently over, it's my pleasure to share with you great snapshots captured by my friend, Shaun Goh.

It's an entire album inclusive of other fishes too, the pictures are just amazing!

Please click here for the link. Do note that my friend is constantly adding additional pictures into the album too, so Aquarama pictures or not, simply enjoy, haha.

Some of the bettas taken:

Lastly, do note that some changes had been made to the "Betta Keeping Guide" to prevent misleading. Under "FOOD", about shrimps causing red washes. Do read up the update and changes. Red washes should be 99% due to genetics, and not really food. (Thank you Russet for highlighting.) 

Cheers! :)
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