Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spawn Clearance, GSS

Hello my friends,

Creating this post to share information of my stocklist, which some of you already know...

Checking out my stocks for sale, spawns are going at 3 for $10. So do SMS me to arrange viewing. Prices for bulk purchases can be discussed, 20 pieces or more.

They are going so cheaply because most of the top pieces in the spawns that I jarred are sold (except for the Gold Dragons, because of their sheer numbers). The remaining ones are randomly and jarred in mass, hence, potential ones might still lurk in the lot. Afterall, spawns like the White Platiniums have minimium of 8 rays.

So do come down to view with no obligations. First come first serve policy.

Thanks and Cheers! :)
SMS 96381858
Bettafanatic aka Walter

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