Monday, July 26, 2010

Many updated pictures and price cut.

Hello betta lovers,

Do refer to the link "Stocks for Sale" in the side bar on the right of this page for available stocks I have, including my spawns for sale, everything is consolated in the single link now.

Many updated pictures so do check the stocks out, price slashes too, as low as $3 for some HMPKs.

Prices of spawns are also very cheap, feel free to SMS me to arrange viewing.

Rough schedule for viewing: Weekdays after 8pm, Weekends 1-5pm.

Lastly, although you guys have seen these fishes before, just sharing new pictures. They are very beautiful to me, hope you enjoy too!

Oh, and a piece of good news, this White Platinium I have is a father now. Look forward to 3 months from now!

Cheers! :)
SMS 96381858
Bettafanatic aka Walter

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