Monday, July 5, 2010

Showing some of my collections...

 Stocks for sale HERE!

Hello Betta fanatics,

Bought some bettas lately for more breeding projects. Took a couple of pictures of my current spawns too, stay tuned for their launch!

Mustard Gas, White Platinium and my first Gold Dragon spawn should be the first for sale in about 1-2 months' time!

Please note stocks for sale are still available, do browse the previous post. And cheap fry food link on the right sidebar. :)

Here we go!

Opaque HMPK - Credits to Andrew (BettaGene) of Singapore
2nd placing in recent Yunfeng Competition

White Platinium HMPK - Credits to SatornBetta of Thailand
2nd placing in recent Yunfeng Competition

Gold Dragon

1st Gold Dragon spawn (picture below), father seems to have Greenish Metallic (Blue/Green shine) genes, hence half seems to be Metallic Green or Metallic MG, very interesting.
2nd Gold Dragon spawn coming up soon, father is the picture right above. Can't wait.

Mustard Gas HMPK spawn. Some seem to be MG BFs! Check out the white lace.

Blue and Turquoise Masked HMPK spawn.

White Platinium HMPK (Father)
Credits to Louis (PlatiniumOrange)

White Platinium HMPK spawn. Noticed some Pastel Greens in the spawn too.
Credits to Louis (PlatiniumOrange)

That's all folks, more spawns to come though, prepare your empty tanks for their sales in 1-2 months' time. Thanks for support! :)

Cheers! :)
Walter aka Bettafanatic
SMS 96381858

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