Saturday, July 10, 2010

Launching of Spawn(s)!

 Stocks for sale HERE!

Hello all,

Do take note I still have stocks for sale, link above (and in the right sidebar). Fry food for sale too, link at right sidebar too! :)

*** Also note I will not be posting updates in Arofanatics Forum, so do take a look here direct, favourite the page or something, thanks!

Viewing with no obligations feel free to contact me. Bulk purchases are welcomed, SMS me to discuss. :)

White Platinium HMPK spawn.
Jarred couple more of them. Some already showing 180degrees spread, very good ray branchings. A bit of spoonhead. Some got green shine (some called Opaque Green or Pastel Green). Many good ones are sold but still a sizeable amount to choose from.

Mustard Gas HMPK spawn. (Some pineapples too)
Jarred a few so far. Colouration very well balanced for Mustard Gas, yellow bandings all the way to dorsal and good rims at fin's edge. Rays still growing, some that I jarred hit 180degrees caudal, and nice dorsals.

Gold Dragon (and Metallic Green) HMPK spawn 1.

Hello guys, due to sheer big size of this spawn, and I have a second spawn of Gold Dragon too, I will be selling the 1st spawn of gold dragon juveniles. Note that due to congestion, at 2months old, they are still small, gender is tough to differentiate, now I house them in 3 tanks and growth will speed up from there. Masking potential can already be seen, as in picture, finnage looks big on the caudal too.

Coming up... Patience my friends...
Gold Dragon HMPK spawn II
Black Dragon Marble HMPK
Turqupise/Royal Blue Masked HMPK

Cheers! :)
Walter aka Bettafanatic
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