Monday, June 14, 2010

Updated Stock List

Hi my friends,

For the sake of neatness, I will shift remaining stocks into this new post. And continue to update new stocks from here on.


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Turquoise Mustard Gas HMPK Pair - $50 - SOLD
Many have seen this pair, female is the mother of the spawn I am having. Both 8 rays and 180 degrees spread. Yellow bandings all the way to dorsal, male great form and deportment.

Black Dragon Marble HMPK - $25 - SOLD
Very rare colour. Hits 180degrees spread at full flare, although round edged. Fully masked as well. Pic not at full flare.

Yellow/Blue Marble HMPK - $20 - SOLD
Grizzle genes, good pair to go with the Pastel Gold HMPK Female as they both have the marbling "Grizzle" genes. Big, stout body.

Grizzle HMPK Female - $20 $15
4 rays, 170+ degrees spread. Can be considered as grizzle pattern. Or simply white/blue marble.

2x Red HMs - $20 $18 $12 each
Intend to groom them up but if there are any interested parties I will let go. 2months only. One of them have much better colouration and finnage growing long!

Blue/White Marble HMPK - $25 $20 $15
Monster blood. Check out his top view, looks like a koi.

Black Copper Fancy HMPK - $25 $20 $15 - SOLD
Intensed black coupled with shiny irids. Patterned like a cow. The middle part of caudal is not torn, but of cello colouration.

Blue/Yellow Marble HMPK - $25 $20 $15
Big dorsal, nice finnage. Good marbling too.

Lavender BF HMPK - $25 - SOLD
Neat bandings, red head. Very even overall finnage form.

Pastel Gold HMPK Female - $20 $15
180degrees spread for a female. Ready with eggs and comes from a grizzle blue spawn and hence, have a few blue spots. Interesting one for breeders. Very solid finnage, great for breeders, 8 rays.

Black Orchid CT - $20 - SOLD
Beautiful colouration for crowntails. Neat rays.

Fancy HMPK 1 - $25 - SOLD
Stout body with massive finnage. Unique colouration of yellow and red patches on fins, copperish body.

Fancy HMPK 2 - $25 $20 $15
The black patches are clearer seen "live". Half body covered with irids and as seen in pic, body is stout and neat finnage. Forward pointing dorsal.

Fancy HMPK 3 - $25 $20 $15 - SOLD
Good finnage. "Monkey face" and neat patterned of red and blue, patchy colouration on body. Unique fancy colouration. Body is rather stout too.

9x Young Red Dragon HMPKs - $15 $10 each, 3 for $24 - SOLD OUT
Still developing their masking and colour, great potential. Some already reaching 180degrees. About 2months+. Priced cheaply so I can clear fast for more space. Picture of the best piece for now, grab fast!

95% Masked Turquoise HMPK - $25 - SOLD
Almost full masked, a few black specks on the head.Very big caudal fin and spread. Big, stout body. Sibling of the big females that I am currently selling as well. Also sibling to the previous piece (1st Placing in Yunfeng comp) that was up for sale.

Yellow Dragon HMPK Female - $25 - SOLD
Pic is before spawning, currently flatter tummy due to breeding. Finnage is intact though, perhaps only a few scales dropped. Can be conditioned to give a huge spawn, ~300-400. Side Masked.

Royal Blue MG OHMPK - $30 - SOLD
Very big spread, many of you have seen him, the father of one of my spawns. Great deportment and fantastic finnage. Yellow bandings from the dorsal too.

99% Masked Turquoise HMPK Female - $20 $15 $10
Currently having minor fin tear due to breeding. Very big 180degrees spread for a female. Normal sized. Almost full masked as seen in pic.

Mascot CT - $5 $2 - SOLD
Picture at prime can be seen in previous post. Currently a little of ray curl, hence price slashed, great for breeding.

Black Dragon HMPK Female - $15 $10 - SOLD
Colouration may not be the best of a Black Dragon but her spread is good as seen in picture. Fins torn due to breeding. Side Masked.

Lavender BF HMPK Female - $12 - SOLD
Nice thick bandings and good deportment. Ready for breeding.

2x Turquoise HMPK Female (Big) - $20 $15 - Last one left
Sisters to the Turquoise HMPK male sold previously, which won 1st placing in Yunfeng's Competition. For breeders who intend to do a cross, please note this is a big sized female. This spawn have very distinctive stout and massive body size. Spread is also superb. Side masked. (Might release another sibling male soon)

Cambo/Lavender CT Female - $2 - SOLD
Related colouration to Mascot (Have a Mascot CT Male for sale cheaply). Just a small dot on the right side. Not sure if it should be called lavender because her body is kind of clean. A relative colouration to Mascot though.

Cambo/Lavender CT Female - $4 $2 - SOLD
This piece has longer rays and no wash. Not sure if it should be called lavender because her body is kind of clean. A relative colouration to Mascot though.

Yellow CT - $5 - SOLD
Big caudal and thick rays. Very beautiful flowy finnage. Female available below.

Yellow CT Female - $4 $2 - SOLD
A lady to match the guy above. Not flaring in pic, neat rays and rather big spread.

Black Copper Marble HMPK Female - $12 $8 - SOLD
It's a marble because her face is a little white. Not fully masked like a monster though, some call this "Monkey Face". Very good finnage, 180 degrees.

Dalmation (Black dotted) Cello Marble HMPK - $2 - SOLD
The dots are clearer when viewed live. Nice finange but selling so cheaply because one of his ventral is bent. No major health issue though.

Normal Cello HMPK - $2 - SOLD
Just a normal Cello HMPK but with some irids on the caudal fin as seen in picture.

Cheers! :)
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