Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stocking up on breeding betta pairs

Hi guys,

I will be visiting some of my suppliers this week and hopefully I am able to get my hands on good pairs for my breeding project. :)

Here's the Stocklist! Do note that as long as I didn't label my fishes as sold, they will be available. (Unless I didn't have access to computer.) So the date of the posts don't really matter, Cheers! :)

 Sale List 

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Black Copper HMPK Female - $20 $15 - SOLD
Came from a Black Dragon spawn. Scalings are not very neat and finnage not in full form due to breeding. Very good breeding stock. 4 rays.

Red Cello Fancy HMPK Male - $25 - SOLD
The Thais call this "Fireworks" if I remember correctly. Unique colour pattern! Note its not a chip on his caudal, just a cello colouration. :)

1x Salamander BF HMPK Male - $25 - SOLD
Body has green shine, hence its Salamander BF not Lavender BF. :)

3x Lavender BF HMPK Females - $20-25 - Last Female left!
Although I sold 2, I'm releasing 2 more females from my own collection. The best one at $25, changed initial plans of breeding them. About 2.5months old.

3x Royal Blue Mustard Gas HMPKs - $25 $20 - SOLD OUT
Yellow bandings all the way till the dorsal, tough to achieve in MGs. Colouration is better seen "live" :)

Yellow HMPK Pair - $15 $10 for Pair. - SOLD
Not $10 each but $10 for BOTH. This pair has irids and abit of black wash. 4 rayed, decent finnage and good for starters. :)

Royal Blue Full Masked HMPK Male - $20 - SOLD

Pineapple BF OHMPK - $25 $20
The one that was reserved but uncollected the other time. Solid deportment. I think its his pose, anal fin aint that long seen ''live''.

Cello Fancy BF HMPK Male - $10 $5 - SOLD
Just realised his right ventral is broken, small fault though, feel free to view, price slashed. Special grey and white bandings on fins.

Gold HMPK Male - $20 $15 $10 - SOLD
Sibling of picture, clean gold.

Cheers! :)
Walter aka Bettafanatic
SMS 96381858 to deal
Location: Sengkang Anchorvale Link or Clementi (SIM)

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