Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some new fishes...

Hello fellow betta hobbyists,

As you can see in the stocklist, many of my bettas are already sold. Thank you for the support. :)

Went hunting around abit and got my hands on a Red Dragon HMPK, Red Dragon BF HMPK and another solid piece of Sala BF HMPK (That makes it 2 Sala BF HMPKs in my stock, this one I got has fantastic form!)

All of them are $25 each.

Sadly, the Red Dragon seem to be suffering from a bit of indigestion and is undergoing treatment now.

Really busy these days and hence, haven't got the time to snap pictures of them, since the Red Dragon HMPK is not flaring properly anyway.

Will try to post pictures asap. Once again thanks for the support to Bettafanism!
Cheers! :)

SMS 96381858 (Walter) to deal.
Location: Sengkang Anchorvale Link and sometimes Clementi (SIM)

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