Monday, January 18, 2010

Stock List with pictures...

Hello guys,

Pictures are up! Except for the Red Dragon HMPK which is still sick, hope it recovers soon.

Red Dragon BF HMPK - $25- SOLD

Royal Blue Full Masked HMPK - $8 - SOLD

Royal Blue Full Masked HMPK Female - $8 - SOLD


Royal Blue Side Masked HMPK Female - $5 - SOLD

Yellow HMPK Male (NOTE: Sibling and similiar quality to picture, last piece) - $5
Females of this spawn at $5 each.

Yellow Plakat Males - $2 each.

Fancy HMPK - $15

Copper Fancy HMPK - $15

Salamander BF HMPK - $25 - SOLD

Last of all, I sold the new Sala BF HMPK I got recently before I could post the picture for sale here. However, I would like to share with all betta lovers pictures of it. Love the form.

This piece is sold but the above piece is for sale at $25

SMS 96381858 (Walter) to deal!
Location: Sengkang Anchorvale Link or Clementi (SIM)
Cheers! :)

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