Friday, October 30, 2009

Black Copper Updates, and a little about my Whites...

Hi guys,

Thanks to everyone for your responses about my black copper HMPK spawn, I'm sorry that this spawn is very small, if I had known the demand earlier, I would had tried spawning the pair again hoping the male will not eat the eggs.

Anyway, this post will be the updates of the spawn. There are about 10+ of them and sadly there are a few with red wash. This is very common in copper lineages and because the fishes are very young, the red wash could go away or stay depending on development, I'm hoping for the latter.

However, the entire spawn had very impressive finnages, with some already hitting 180degrees spread or more at this tender age of 1months+. Pictures will be attached for all to enjoy at the bottom of this post. :)

Because so many enquired about the Black Coppers and only a few are top grades (Clean + Great finnage, currently all only have ''Great Finnage'') I am in a dilema on how to sell them, perhaps I would auction the best few pieces in Arofanatics, or sell them to any interested party/viewers at the right quoted price. (Since my house is open to viewing for the Blue Full Masked HMPK)

PS: Don't worry, I do not seek high-end price tags for my fishes, an agreement on a reasonable price and I usually close the deal. Buyers who dealt with me should know. :)

Oh, and good news, my white platinium HMPK spawn is developing very well. Jarred some and their colour and form is very promising. Hope they will turn out great and then I will be putting them on sale. (perhaps in 2-3 weeks' time)

Cheers! :)

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