Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Best Grade of Baby Brine Shrimp for your Betta Fries

Hey Fellow Betta Hobbyists!

Everyone should know by now I love Bettas as much as anyone of you here, used to breed Bettas by the thousands and "accidentally" became a Betta fry food supplier (baby brine shrimp eggs).

Some may wonder what do I mean by the best grade of baby brine shrimp eggs?

If you look around deep enough, one may find different types of eggs (different colours, sizes and prices) sold by other sellers/brands. But, the species sold by Bettafanism is scientifically the best grade because of its small size; fries may eat them whole instead of just parts, and neutralise risk of choking, as well as having high fat/nutrition content per body weight.

If you are a fan of reading, do check out this article in Google Scholars:

It states that there are scientific findings that baby fishes survive better when fed smaller strains of baby brine shrimps; feel free order yours now if you are embarking on Betta breeding journey!:

Cheers! :)

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