Sunday, July 15, 2018

Joy of Feeding

Hi Betta Breeders!

Had to share this video I found in Youtube (not mine), one of the greatest joy of breeding bettas would be watching them gobble on freshly hatched baby brine shrimps; and you know they are digesting the shrimps when you see the roundish, orangey bellies!

There are different kinds of baby brine shrimps (and their eggs) and Bettafanism sells the highest grade (click here!), which is highly nutritious and easily digested by fries. Other grades may choke baby bettas or are simply lower in nutrition and result in slower growth rate.

Also taking the chance to update that you may pay for Bettafanism's Premium Baby Brine Shrimp eggs (with free delivery!) with PayNow or PayLah (90283379), hope this makes payments even more convenient!


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