Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Freshest Baby Brine Shrimp in Singapore!

Hi all supporters of Baby Brine Shrimps (to feed Betta fries)!

This page will summarise where to get the usual links that I will share with new breeders, hope this helps!

1. Buying BBS Eggs from Bettafanism

- You can whatsapp 90283379 to order.
- Simply send a screenshot of $10 (for 20g, which is usually enough for a spawn of 300 fries) to POSB Savings 249-31594-0.
- Send me your full address (remember your Postal Code!).
- Your order will be posted via Singpost the very next day and will usually take 2-3 working days (depending on SingPost, which is so far 100% trustworthy for years).

- Already have a G-Market/Qoo10 account and used to it?
- Sure, purchase through this link:
- You can also find this link via searching "Baby Brine Shrimp Eggs" in Qoo10 and my link should be in the first page, having the cheapest price and quality ;)
- Your order will be posted to you via Singpost as well.

2. Hatching BBS Eggs

Most Effective Method

Lazy Man Method
- Only the freshest and highest quality eggs can be hatched with this method.

As usual, I hope that this will be of great help to breeders out there, happy breeding!


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