Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Betta Genetics

Hello Betta Enthusiasts,

Recently, I was queries about the genetics on bettas. Frankly, dealing with such colourful species of fish, I always advise to either go for the adventurous fancy, or stick to a certain solid colour; such as my favourite Platinium White x Platinium White.

However, certain solid colours can be very fun to breed with, such as the classic Blues!

Credit: http://www.bettaterritory.nl/BT-AABcolorgenetics.htm

This is because just by crossing different kinds of blues, you are able to get either Steel Blue, Turquoise or Royal Blue (favourite), refer to the genetics table above to get what I mean!

I had successfully bred around 10+ spawns of blue during my course of Betta Keeping, and it is easy to know why RB is my favourite; just crossing a pair will usually get you 3 different tones of blue, very rewarding feeling for every breeder!

I hope I answered all of you aspiring Blue Betta Breeders' questions, so do get those tanks ready and start breeding...

With Bettafanism's freshest and premium BBS eggs of course! :p

One of my Blue spawn made it 2nd in a Breeders' Comp back in 2010.

Cheers! :)
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  1. Hi got a question to ask u,will a red tie royal blue female cross to a pure royal blue male produce pure royal blue males?