Monday, September 12, 2011

X'treme Events 2011

Greetings readers,

Happy belated mooncake festival to all, hope I am not too late in wishing everyone here wellness.

This blog post will be about the extreme events that have taken place over the past weekend. Organised by Team X'treme, of course, haha.

Particularly sunday, whereby the Betta Judging Seminar took off, in Serangoon CC. Despite rearing bettas for about 10 years now, this is a classic case that new knowledge will never fail to greet you. Learnt tremendously lot from Mr Hermanus (Head of IBC Betta Judges, Zone 6) who came all the way from Indonesia to conduct this seminar.

At the end of the day, everyone's delighted to receive their certificate of attendence. Step one is accomplished and I do look forward to continual seminars.

Next up, like the rest, we headed towards YunFeng for the prize presentation of Xtreme Betta Competition 2011. Thankfully, out of 5 entries, my Lavender Butterfly HMPK made it to 2nd place in the Bi-colour category. Still upset with my White Platinium HMPK (2nd place in Kelson Comp a few months back) for losing his form after a spawning attempt that turned out to be a sparring match with the female.

But it's okay! At least I did not end up empty-handed, what a relief!

Here's some shots of the prize presentation, as well as the awesome looking trophies!

Lastly, I am happy to show my growth of my collection of trophies. Built a new rack on the wall to hold lighter ones. Currently holding the 3 trophies from Kelson's Competition.

Finalising my post, the better looking Black Dragon HMPKs will be for sale. Hence, my Black Dragons will be selling at the range of $8-40, depending on quality. Feel free to SMS me for viewing arrangements.

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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