Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Post Arofanatics Carnival

Good day patrons,

Firstly, I'm so sorry I did not post up details of a recent event - The Arofanatics Fish Carnival, hosted by the forum, Arofanatics. This should be the first ever fish carnival held in Singapore. I will take this opportunity to promote the main forum I started out with, and still active in - Arofanatics.

For those who missed it, please refer to marshy73's youtube channel, a senior moderator of Arofanatics. He captured quite a number of videos of the event - It is a pity there isn't any videos of the betta section.

Looking at the videos and the scale of the carnival, you should have a rough picture of Arofanatics. Yes,  it is one of, if not, the biggest fish forum in Singapore. The forum covers almost every single type of aquarium fish, and of course, I roam about the sub-forum for Bettas.

Being an event to celebrate its 10 years' anniversary, Arofanatics launched it's annually published book, entitled: "A decade of of fish-keeping".

Over the years, I did not purchase any editions of the book as there were no incentives to do so. Things are different for this year, I will be featured in a small page under the "Hobbyists' Profile" in the Betta section. So needless to say, I bought a copy for memorial purposes, haha.

Here are the pictures, kind of nice to see myself in a book. Even if it is just a page. Overall, the book is well worth the money, filled with highly professional pictures and enriching information on a vast range of fishes.

Next up, another sneak peak of my upcoming White Platinium HMPK spawn. They are growing well and should hit adulthood in a month plus. Colours are clean and finnages are looking to have high potential, can't wait!

Lastly, I will finish off this post with some pictures of the fishes for sale in the stocklist. For those that are new here, please refer to the links of the right side of this page. You will find stocks and betta food for sale in the "Stocklist" and "Food for sale" hyperlinks respectively.

Some pictures of the Black Dragons, 10+ are fully masked, only at $10 each. (round edges)

A randomly jarred Turquiose HM fry, from the "40 pieces for only $20" clearance sale. These are definitely not culls!

Many other HMPKs for sale too, so do check them out.

Cheers! :)
Bettafantic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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