Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mailing of Fry Food

Dear Patrons,

For those who haven't been reading the chatbox, I am glad to announce that postage services for Betta/Fry Food will be available (within Singapore only). With the exception of Baby Brime Shrimp Eggs as they need to be chilled, the travelling time in the envelope might spoil them.

In other words, pellets can be sent to you via postage if requested. (I do not sell Microworms anymore. And if you insist on mailing the BBS eggs, I will not be liable for any damage to the eggs.)

However, as there is extra work to be done, every unit of order will be $3, instead of the usual $2. This is to pay for the stamps and other costs involved.

The procedure for mailing is simple:

SMS me your orders, followed by your full address (inclusive of Postal Code). Upon confirmation of orders, please transfer the exact amount to POSB SAVINGS, 249-31594-0, and inform me via SMS. When this is done, I will send out the orders asap, but on a time of my convenience. I will send you a SMS when the mail is sent.

An important point to note will be that I will not be liable for any loss of your orders in the process of postage, as this is not registered mail. If you are uncomfortable with this condition, I highly encourage self collection at my place, Sengkang.

Hope this will be great news for patrons living in the west area of Singapore.

PS: Do check out new stocks in the stocklist.

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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