Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blacky Dragons

Hello dragon and other betta lovers,

I am currently consolidating a list for you Black Dragon lovers (HMPK) out there to get your hands on some. Once my supplier informs me that he will be bringing in more Black Dragon HMPKs, I will have to inform in how many pieces of males and females to get for me. However, the exact date is unknown, and unguaranteed.

The ordering will be via SMS to me, acknowledging me about the quantity and gender. Once stocks arrive, it will be a first come first serve basis for selection.

Black Dragon HMPKs will be at $60 each, sorry for the steep pricing as thats the best I can set. The cost is very high as the market demand is sky-rocketing and the main suppliers do know about that. Quality will be unknown, but so far, I am satisfied. They are always fully side masked with neat, white scalings. Occassionally, there will be full maskings. Finnage is prominently good too with bettas from this supplier.(Thailand)

I will attach pictures at the bottom of the bloodline these Black Dragons will come from, do SMS me if interested. Details all explained in post.

Once ordered, there will be no refunds and buyers are obligated to collect their bettas by arranging a viewing at my place, Sengkang.

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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