Thursday, September 2, 2010

Updates for my spawns.

Hello to all betta lovers,

I am releasing the 2nd spawn of Gold Dragon HMPKs, named Gold Dragon HMPK Spawn II, please check out the stock page for more details.

Also still for sale is my Green/Blue HMPK spawn. I had selected 5 fishes from the spawn to participate in the upcoming DMS Breeder Competition. Because I had sold a couple of fishes from this spawn already, these 5 bettas selected are not the top of this spawn. Nevertheless, wish me good luck, haha.

Upcoming spawns are:

White Platinium HMPK Spawn I - 1month est.
Copper/Dragon Fancy HMPK - 1month est.
White Platinium HMPK Spawn II - 2months est.
White Platinium HMPK Spawn III - 3months est.

Yes, White Platinium wave is on the way, my favourite colour, haha.

Do stay tuned and hope you guys enjoyed the previous stocks from Thailand, thanks to those that purchased, hope you enjoy!

Cheers! :)
SMS 96381858
Bettafanatic aka Walter

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