Monday, March 29, 2010

Summarising March

Hi guys,

Shall summarise the remaining few stocks here to make it neater. :)

 Fry Food Sale (3kinds):
Decapped BBS Eggs
98% Hatch Rate BBS Eggs
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 30th March Stocklist

2x Young Red Crowntails (CT) (PAIR) - $40 for pair - SOLD OUT
Stocks are siblings of this piece which I sold earlier.
1Male 1Female, good pair with great finnages! :)
1x Royal Blue MG HMPK - $15 - SOLD
Abit stressed in pic, body have better colour ''live''.

1x Pineapple (Turquoise Shine) MG BF HMPK - $20 $18 - SOLD
Picture is sibling, similiar looking.

Fancy Lace/BF - $20 $18 $15
Last fish for sale! Next stock probably around mid april!
Interesting colour pattern and good finnage.

Cheers! :)
SMS 96381858 to deal.

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