Sunday, October 4, 2009

Live Updates...

Thanks to all once again, White Platinium HMPKs are all sold out.

Black Copper HMPK Females still for sale.
Now price reduced to 5 for $10!

Update on my upcoming spawns:
1) Blue Masked HMPK (coming in 1mth+ time)
2) Black Copper HMPK (coming in 2mths+ time)
3) White Platinium HMPK (coming in 2mths+ time)
4) Yellow HMPK (coming in 2mths+ time)

Sales of microworms will always be available:

Sales of BBS eggs (Baby Brime Shrimp eggs) both capped and decapped coming soon......

Point to note: Dealing in the west is now possible on some days. Just SMS to discuss. :)

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