Monday, October 26, 2009

More pictures of my spawns!

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the drought in fishes for sale as my spawns are still in the process of growing. Thanks for being patient, the spawns should be released in the following order:

Bettas will be priced reasonably or cheaply so do look forward to their release! :)

1. Blue Full Masked HMPK
2. Black Copper HMPK (Comprising only 15 fishes so grab fast.)
3. White Platinium HMPK
4. Yellow HMPK

Meanwhile, I will upload some pictures of the spawns, do enjoy! :)

The Blues

The Black Coppers

The Whites

The Yellows

Thanks for staying tuned to Bettafanism!

Promotion: 1 tub of Microworms + 1 packet of decapped BBS eggs for $4 total.

SMS 96381858 to deal. Cheers! :)

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