Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turquoise Halfmoon Plakat Female - $12
About 4 months old. Slight fin tear at the anal and caudal fins. Cheek is masked and clean, no red wash.

Before fins were torn:

Recent picture: Turquoise HMPK Female

Royal Blue Halfmoon Plakat Female - $18
About 5 months old. Very big and nice spread almost hitting 180degrees. Almost full masked (Lacking a few specks on the forehead) and clean, no red wash. Small nip at caudal fin.

RB HMPK Female

Black Copper Halfmoon Plakat Male - $15
About 5 months old. Fins healed from previous tearing. Hence, rays at anal fin seem crooked. very big caudal spread. 90% Masked.

Black Copper HMPK

Black Copper Halfmoon Plakat Female - $10
About 4 months old. Quite a big sized female with great form,180degrees spread.

Black Copper HMPK Female

All SOLD OUT. Cheers! :)

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