Saturday, March 21, 2015

Last White Knight Standing

Hi White Betta Lovers,

I've always wondered why don't we call White Platinums as White Knights? Since they are white and shiny with irids like like armour across the body, unlike White Opaques (Chalky White).

Anyway these are just names, as long as you like the fish, you can name it whatever you wish.

As most of you have gotten White Platinum Halfmoon Plakats from me over the month, I hope most of them turned out awesome. This line is very good (I always use high quality pairs in my spawn) and hence, even the last male I have (supposingly rejected by all previous viewers due to late development) shows this form.

He's in the community tank all along but no one chose him, so I jarred him for 3 days and groomed him, atlas, here's a video to share, quite a cute small fellow:

Thus, a good guide for breeders out there who loves to groom them alot (like myself), always use strong lines - Meaning parents that you know are from breeders of winning lines or most of the spawn have good features and so on, so the genetics is in place.

PS: This male will be for sale, although I am tempted to keep him. Please refer to stocklist.

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
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