Saturday, February 21, 2015

Will there be a King amongst the Princes?

Hi Crowntail Lovers out there,

Here's my next project, a King Crowntail Father mated with a cross-ray spawn Crowntail Female; Both are Black Orchids.

For beginners, King Crowntails or KCT are Crowntails with the tip of their finnages (rays) crossed against other set of rays. The female is from Indonesia while I believe the male is from Thailand.

Check out the father (rays are thinner due to age, spawned at about est 6-12 months old age)

You can see that he is definitely a champ at prime!

The female is no less of a beauty:

And from here, you may learn of the term Black Orchid; Whereby the background colour is black and the body's rays and scales are of grey/white base and outlined black. On some cases, Black Orchids may have scales that are blue or green.

Here's an update and I hope to yield many beauties from this! Reason why I want to clear my whites fast, kinda look forward to this spawn!

PS: White Platinum HMPK Juniors are selling like hotcakes, left a few more selling cheaply at $5-10 as I don't really wish to cull yet. Watch them here:

Thanks and Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
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