Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Spawns coming right up...

Hi Betta Lovers,

Other than my favourite White Platinum Halfmoon Plakat Spawn, I decided to get creative on the spawns I hold to provide some market expansion in Singapore. Rather than the same old Halfmoon Plakats all the time! Don't you guys agree with me?

Before I talk more, please enjoy my proud White Platinum HMPK Spawn, their colour and shiny sheen came early, with very promising ray development!

The Proud Father:

The Young One:

Moving to my "innovation" talk, here's what I have in stall and ready to go into the breeding tank, hope you guys like them! It was difficult to find BOTH males and females having the perfect, white butterfly bandings, opaque white pectoral fins (the big "ears" in front) and huge size of the "ears". Watch video below:

Finally, it is said that King Crowntails do not breed true, but they are indeed so beautiful. I shall venture into the world of Crowntails once again as I cannot deny their beauty. Stay tuned as I condition this wonderful pair from Indonesia:
The Female

The King Crowntail Male (Rays are not at competition grade, but the genes will be!)

Lastly, I may want to sell off my Orange Halfmoon Plakat spawn (about 15 young adults in there). It should go for $200 (nego). Please contact me if interested! Pictures of father is below (mother is also a clean and 8 ray-ed HMPK).

Looking forward to bring more colours to the wonderful world of Bettas!

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
Whatsapp 90283379

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