Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stocking up little Bettas

Hello friends of Bettafanism!

It had been a while since Bettafanism stocked Bettas. Great to announce that I manage to find some time to link up with some suppliers and get my hands on some Betta stocks for sale in Bettafanism.

Year end holidays are coming so it is perfect to start conditioning and preparing for spawning now!

Introducing (more may come) Copper Gold Marble Halfmoon Plakat (Male):

Rustic golden sheen with an aggressive deportment, this HMPK is not shy to show off his readiness to spawn by building a bubblenest within 2 hours of entering his tank. 3months old, for sale at $30.

Another stunning piece for sale is as per the following:

A beautiful Fancy Halfmoon Plakat (Male). With the popular "White Face" or "Monster" look, a perfect "D" caudal fin and good colour mixture, this fish built a bubblenest as well and is ready to spawn. 3months old, also at $30.

Take both for $50, cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
Whatsapp 90283379

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