Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fry Food in a Nutshell

Hello Betta Breeders,

In this post I will share more about Baby Brine Shrimps. I am currently selling the eggs and here's why:

Over the past 5-6 years or so breeding Bettas, I've tried breeding them with all sorts of methods; Be it using a small plastic container or a huge tank, changing the water daily or simply adding treated water till the Bettas are matured. Hope my sharing of Betta fry food here will help in your breeding adventures.

Daphnia or Water Fleas

Harvested from polluted water, these creatures breed regularly and are able to survive in Betta fry tanks for up till 3 days. Making them a great "throw in and take a break for 3 days" kind of fry food. Always remember to filter and wash them before feeding because they grow from unhealthy and dirty waters. Hence, this is also the weakness of using Daphnia, the bacteria and germs that you introduce is a risk to the brood; over the years, I had lost entire spawns to feeding Daphnia and thus, I fully support Baby Brine Shrimps now (see below):

Baby Brine Shrimps (BBS)
They originate from the sea, and thus, the culturing process is the most tedious amongst all the Fry food. But once you get the hang of your system running, it should be simple, here's a guide (and here's an even easier guide, only possible with Bettafanism's BBS Eggs! (due to freshness)).

Because the hatching process is completely artificial, you can control the environment to be clean. Saltwater also helps in eliminating freshwater viruses from being introduced to your Fry tank. After years of breeding Bettas, I settled upon using Baby Brine Shrimps because the growth rate superb and I can maintain a 99% survival rate for my fries, they will all grow up well and healthy.

Microworms (MW)

For Microworms. once you get a culture going, this fry food grows non-stop and hence, is the cheapest Betta fry food; simply feed oaks and some water every week. However, I highly discourage Microworms because based on my experience, the stuff the worms grow on is very bad for the Fries' tank. The growth rate also seems to be the slowest, with very high death rates. Always choose at least Daphnia or Baby Brine Shrimps! 

Lastly, I started shipping in Baby Brime Shrimp Eggs (BBS) some years back because most local fish shops do not know the correct way to take care of the eggs. so I spent years researching and finally is able to share the best hatching BBS Eggs in ASEAN! They are only selling for $10 (cheapest too, lol), so feel free to try them out (free delivery as well); click here to purchase.

Cheers to breeding Bettas! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
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