Friday, December 16, 2011


Hello all,

Had been receiving SMSes asking about Microworms so perhaps I will update here. I do not sell Microworms anymore as they are kind of low in nutrition for my bettas and foul water quickly. Their culture spoils easily to fungus too. Hence, Baby Brime Shrimps are a much better alternative with the big harvest, high nutrition and clean feeding.

However, if you insist, here's a general guide on how I culture my Microworms in the past. Thought most of my buyers but don't think I posted a guide on this.

1. To start off, you need another Microworm culture. Or just a tiny drop of Microworms.

2. Get a plastic clear container, cut a hole on the lid and stuff cotton wool or filter cotton in it. This is to allow air into the culture and prevent flies from entering.

3. Add plain oats into the container. Yes, the one that we eat and commonly sold in supermarkets.

4. Next, wet the culture by adding water, do not allow it to be "flooded", just very moist.

5. Add the tiny bit of Microworm starter you have and seal the container with a lid. Keep in room temperature and soon you can watch your culture grow.

6. Harvest those worms that are crawling on the side of the container and you are done. Continue the culture forever by adding oats for a few times and then finally repeating step 1.

This post had been added to the guides to help anyone looking for Microworm Culturing information. Hope it helps!

Cheers! :)
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  1. Hi guys, as many of you have asked; I am discouraging Microworms now as fellow hobbyists because despite the convenience, they tend to foul water very easily and fries dont seem to grow well with MW. Now, I feed BBS straight away when they can free swim. This is the best practice :)