Friday, November 11, 2011

Something other than bettas.

Hello dear pet keepers,

Came upon this Red Eared Slider/Terrapin near my block last week. It was crawling along the roads and was bone dry. Hence, I believe it might be abandoned. Took it home as there wasn't any drains or rivers nearby. However, I do not have the capabilities to keep it.

I am putting it up for adoption. Not sure about the gender, but this fellow is generally shy. So anyone with a nice pond, please do consider. Please note it is quite a large terrapin, as you can see in comparison to my palm. His shell suffered some injuries but it should heal easily under proper care. Please contact me if interested. (Collected, thanks)

Next up, I've uploaded some new pictures in the stocklist. Nothing new, but just a highlight that I do still have plenty of beautiful White Platinium HMPK females for sale. 8 rayed babes and completely clean. Just housed all of them in a community tank so feel free to drop-by on the weekends for a scoop! Other stocks such as Steel Blue HMPK Males going at $10 each only too!

Have a nice weekends my friends!

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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