Thursday, April 14, 2011

Up up updates.

Hello hobbyists around the world,

Ever since I started Bettafanism, there have been numerous requests from foreigners to export my stocks to various countries. Due to circumstances, I had to reject these offers. I thank you guys sincerely and it's an honour to have interests outside of Singapore. I will explain why I cannot fufil these requests.

Firstly, to export fishes overseas in Singapore, I will need to have a transhipper license which only a few of Singapore's fish farms have the rights to. A simple blogshop like mine will never have the rights.

Secondly, the transhippers in Singapore deal frequently with neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. Hence, to collaborate with them to ship to places such as USA and India is almost impossible as well.

Thirdly, being a small scaled, hobbyist-oriented blogshop, sales have been done in a view-and-agree on the spot system. Thus, cases of refunds or replacements are very rare. I cannot really afford to practice the standard protocol of "replacement when dead on arrival".

I hope my explainations will give you guys a better understanding of Bettafanism's situation in shipping bettas. Once again, I am very thankful for the kind support. Now, I proudly introduce some updates of my Red Gold HMPK spawn and Black Dragon HMPK. Very delighted that my Black Dragon HMPK gained a full masking!

And good news, my Super Black OHMPK spawned with a fabulous Super Black female borrowed from my friend. Will be raising them eagerly as I have high expectations for this spawn!

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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