Monday, April 25, 2011

End of Xtreme Comp Part II

Hello folks,

This will be a continual post from the previous, as it was way too brief. So here we go, the picture of my trophy! Felt the need to mention that Team Xtreme puts in alot of effort in their trophy design, it looks downright sweet even for a mere 3rd placing.

New member to my "collection" that just started last year. Despite years of betta keeping, I finally decided to participate last year, haha.

Next, a shot of my Orange Grizzle HMPK which participated but did not get into any placings. Nevertheless, I really like his form and colour combination. Might be selling him, do SMS me your quotes if interested.

That's all my friends, hope to see you guys after my exams. (Starting next week!)

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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