Saturday, March 26, 2011

Betta Place

Hello I-Love-Bettas-People,

For quite some time, informative betta discussions had been carried out in my Chatbox on the right hand corner of this blog. Sadly, these discussions are non permanent and cannot be refered back to.

Hence, let me introduce to you guys a new betta discussion forum administrated by my friend:

Feel free to register and post/read betta related issues there, from water management to grooming skills. I will be rather active in the forum using my standardised nickname "Bettafanatic", so feel free to ask any betta-related questions that are potentially long or commonly asked (so it can be referred to in the future).

Of course, my chatbox will still be open to betta related discussions, so still feel free to post here as well. Preferably specific questions for me or minor issues. Questions like "Genetics" are more desired for the forum.

I will also take this opportunity to remind my friends that Bettafanism's Chatbox restrict any advertising or sales related questions, thanks alot for the coorperation and support!

Overall, it will be a nice cyber place for betta lovers worldwide to chill at!

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
SMS 96381858

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