Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too eager...

Hi hobbyists around the world,

I might have mentioned before to most of you that due to my prelims and examination in March and May, I had stopped spawning till perhaps, June. However, there were some difficulties on my friends' side regarding the breeding of my White Platiniums. With overwhelming eagerness for my White Platinium line to continue, I spawned a pair of them that I had been keeping, hope they turn out well!

Since the spawning had begun, I figured I might as well launch another project as fry food would take the same effort to produce. Hence, I've managed to cross my Gold HMPK to my White Platinium HMPK female. Not exactly a genetic genius so we shall see what we get in 3months' time. Feel free to enlighten me in the chatbox if you know, or had any experience with this cross.

Another shot of the Gold HMPK, beautiful fish IMO.

However, I doubt I will have the time to jar most of the fries, so we will see how this goes. Will probably cull intensively and jar only the best few.

And here's a great piece of news: I am delighted to inform you guys that my Grand Champion (White Platinium HMPK from Yunfeng Comp Chapter 3) had spawned as well! Will update and hopefully the fries will be looking good.

Adding on, I apologise for the lack of stocks during this period of the year, as always haha. Due to school commitments. Feel free to ask me any questions unanswered by my guides in my chatbox!

Last but not least, here's a picture of a Lavender BF HMPK I decided to keep. Selected from the supplies I got from Thailand some time back, to finish this post off. Some of you might have seen him for sale for a while back then. His sibling is great looking too and for sale cheaply as I am clearing. For more details you may check out the stocklist.

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
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