Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Dragon

Hello Betta Frenzies,

Just posting a random information sharing post. The "Dragon" colouration had been a hit since their introduction a few years back. Many of you might understand the colouration criteria well, so the aim of this post is to help those who are new to betta keeping with regards to venturing into the vast range of betta colourations. My information might not be 100% correct, these are what I learnt along the way, so feel free to correct me.

White Platinium

White Dragon

The major point to note in a Dragon is its thick, white scalings. Unlike White Platiniums, the scales are thick and chalky white, which will look like armour plates tiled side to side. Pictures are attached above for your reference.

Next, I will touch on identifying the colour type. As mentioned earlier, it is critical for Dragons to have chalky, white body scaling.  Hence, the finnage colour determines the colouration. Example, a red finned fish with white scalings will be a Red Dragon.

I hope this small little information post will help those still confused with the Dragon colouration. One fact to point out is that Red Dragons are the first of the dragon kinds. Lastly, some pictures of different dragons will be posted below, do enjoy!

Black Dragon

Orange Dragon

Gold Dragon

Red Dragon

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