Thursday, October 28, 2010

My precious white

Hello bettalovers,

Sorry for the lack of posts as I am very busy with school.

In this post, I will share with you guys the picture of my Grand Champion at the last YunFeng Chapter 4 Competition. As requested by some of you for pictures, I am so sorry I am very late in fufilling the request.

Personally I feel he does have some faults, very lucky to get the GC win. However, his deportment and big finnage probably won the judges' hearts as well as mine in selecting my whites for the competition.

Here you go, do enjoy him!

I intend to write up a post regarding his parentage and how he came about, will try to do so when I am free, haha.

Lastly, I noticed some newcomers of Bettafanism had been looking through the older posts for stocks. Please note that all stock updates will be in the link "Stocklist" on the right side of this blog.

Cheers! :)
Bettafanatic aka Walter
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