Thursday, September 16, 2010

King Crowntail

Hi my friends,

I'm excited to share with you guys one of the rarest and most beautiful type of betta - The King Crowntail!

This Black Orchid KCT is not mine, but my friend's, namely Ernest. (Pictures by KelsonBetta) Despite keeping bettas for so long, I had never kept a KCT due to their sheer rarity and hence, the price is very steep.

Nevertheless, I felt Ernest made a great buy and this is his picture in full glory. Once again, enjoy!

For the benefit of those who are new, Crowntail (CT) is a type of betta with "spiky" tail finnages. And a King Crowntail (KCT) have "spikes" that intersect with one another, for that to happen in CTs is extremely rare.

- Some price cuts at stocklist.
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- Gold Dragon HMPK selling fast.
- Still selling microworms and BBS eggs at $2 each.
- All information can be found in the links at the right side of this webpage.

Cheers! :)
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