Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greenies and Blues

Hello to fighting fish keepers,

Took some pictures of the Green/Blue HMPK spawn. Overall, the quality is good, sold many nice pieces already.

I shall share the parentage of this spawn, father is a Green (Turquiose) HMPK, 1st placed in YunFeng Betta Competition some time back.

Father - Really loved his stout, muscular, big-sized body. This fish and his siblings are easily 50% bigger than normal plakats' standard size. They are non-giant though.

The flaw of this fish is the lack of masking, hence, I crossed him with a decent full masked Royal Blue HMPK Female.

And thus, I've got this spawn. Pretty good masking with stout looking body. Rather good finnages too, enjoy the new pictures!

Just jarred more of "Metallic Mustard Gas" or "Metallic Pastel Gold" as some of them have really great potential. Will update their jarred updates when I am free.

Cheers! :)
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Walter aka Bettafanatic

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