Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1st Giant Stock!

4th March:

Plenty of stocks sold, thanks for the purchases. :)
Refer to previous post for remaining stocks and price reduction for Copper Red HMPK Pair.

Cheers! :)

Hello all, especially giant lovers,

Many of you messaged me about Giant Bettas, and here you go:

My first hand experience on Giants! Just got this Mustard Gas Giant Plakat as my first giant stock. Do support! As usual, due to my poor photography skills, colours are more vibrant in ''live''.

He is about 2.5inches. Very big caudal/tail and dorsal fin with very aggressive and active nature. That is what I like about him as I usually find giants kind of lethagic.

Thanks for the support, this Giant is SOLD. :)

Mustard Gas Giant Plakat (2.5inches) - $45 - SOLD!
Picture showing the size of the finnage. The spread is even bigger at full flare. :)

More stock updates in previous post. Do check them out. :)

Cheers! :)
SMS 96381858 (Walter)

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