Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year Updates!

Happy New Year in advance guys!

Some additional stocks as well as price discounts will be updated in this post.

Thank you everyone for the support given, I hope to continue bringing and breeding beautiful bettas for all betta hobbyists out there at affordable prices! :)

Black Copper HMPKs Pair - Yes, this is the best pair I had kept from the previous spawn (check older posts), decided to release them as I will not be breeding new spawns until May 2010 due to exams. Fantastic form, both of them. :)  

All pictures in this update are recent.
All prices are negotiable.

Black Copper HMPK Pair - $35 for the pair.
BC OHMPK Male (Note its an Over-Halfmoon Plakat)

BC HMPK Female

Red 1 - $22,   now at $18
Red 2 - $15 now at $14
Take both Red HMPKs (Males) - $32, now at $28! :)

White Plakat Females.
5 for $10
now 7 for $10 and 4 for $6!
Not many left. :)

Yellow HMPKs (Males and Females available)
$8 each
now $6 each!

Yellow HMPKs: New pictures attached. :)

Some pictures of those that made it to 180 degrees spread. Many great pieces of this spawn were already sold though.

The following picture is my Yellow HMPK Male that I had intended to send for the YunFeng Competition. But I decided not to later on because he is rather small in size. Sorry this is not for sale for now though, intend to groom him further. Just sharing the genetic pool of this spawn. :)

Microworms are still selling at $2 per tub!

Location is in Sengkang Anchorvale Link, however some arrangements to deal in Clementi is possible.
SMS 96381858 (Walter) to deal.
Cheers and Happy 2010! :)

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